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Monday, July 12, 2010

Hispanics and Immigration

Let me start by saying I loathe the term “Hispanic.” It is a meaningless classification designed to give groups of disparate people an identity for political purposes only. Unlike the terms Caucasian and Negroid, which are based on morphological features, Hispanic is based purely on surname. If it sounds Spanish, then you are Spanish. For example, Gonzalez, not be confused with Gorgonzola. One is obviously Spanish, the other not so. And in truth, people of Spanish descent do not call themselves Hispanic. They say I am Spanish. I am Puerto Rican. I am Cuban. I am Mexican. I bring this up because in order to get a good feel for how people of Spanish descent feel about immigration and illegal immigration you must honor the nationalities of the various Spanish-speaking peoples and see them as discrete cultures, not just last names. A recent poll in Colorado showed that over 60-percent of Hispanics in that state favored Arizona’s new immigration law. The mainstream pollsters have taken several more polls to show that nationwide Hispanics-there goes that word again-do not favor the law. But that is to be expected these days as the media continues the role of giant PR machine for the radical left. It makes sense to me that 60-percent of Spanish-surnamed people would favor tough immigration laws. Not only does it show they that want to live in a lawful society, but it reflects their belief in the value of citizenship. Spanish people are often described as conservative, religious, family and community-oriented etc. Why would anyone believe such people would favor illegal activity whether it be smuggling drugs or people? Why would anyone believe that most Spanish people who achieve citizenship through effort and hard work think it should be given freely to anyone? I have trouble with that; so should you. Special interest groups and their allies on the liberal left can say anything they want about illegal immigration. At the end of the day it is still illegal, an unfair burden on the taxpayers and a threat to national security. The Justice Department must butt out, the Congress must fund the fence and Arizona must do what the Federal government will not; Enforce immigration laws.