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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Republicans Surrender Kagen Nomination

It looks like the Republicans will back down in the Elena Kagen nomination squabble. I would call it a nomination battle, but that would be incorrect. For a battle both sides have to fight and the Republicans have decided surrender is the better option so they won't have to contest Elena Kagen's anti-constitutional viewpoints, her lack of judicial experience, her questionable reasoning and intellect and most of all her unwillingness to do the very thing that she suggested in an article about the nomination process: answer questions. So the Democrats, who never fail to take advantage of a situation, are using the hearings as a way to attack the Supreme Court for its recent decision that permits corporations to openly contribute to elections. This ruling has the Democrats in a tizzy because corporations will now openly have the same level of influence as unions, a playing field the unions and the Democrats would like to leave uneven in their favor. It's too bad that Jeff Sessions had to stand alone.