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Friday, June 4, 2010

Obama Slanders Deceased Vets

After 500 days of this President you must ask yourself "how could a guy with such big ears be so politically tone deaf. Earlier this week he used the phrase "on behalf of a grateful nation" when he presented a music award to Paul McCartney. This phrase is recited in national cemeteries everywhere when family members of a deceased veteran are giving the American Flag that adorns his or her coffin. It is not some lackadaisical phrase used to thank people for mowing the Whitehouse lawn or giving a music award. It is a sacred phrase. A phrase of honor and respect reserved for those who have served in the armed forces of the United States. In typical fashion Obama tried to cover all the bases and since he failed to say it on Memorial Day, when it would have been appropriate, he decided to stick it in the McCartney speech, where it was entirely inappropriate. We can give McCartney a pass on his tasteless comments about George Bush, since Obama and McCartney’s belle Michelle went to such great lengths to insult the Queen of England. It’s to bad McCartney didn’t have the courage to mention their lack of etiquette. All this just proves that people with big, finely tuned ears don’t always hear best.