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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Waterboardng was no Surprise to Congress

It’s pretty clear at this point that the Congress was completely in the know about the interrogation techniques used by the CIA when trying to break particular terrorists. Those techniques, whether you agree or disagree, were effective in getting information, preventing terrorist plots from going forward, and keeping the country safe until now. Whether you read the New York Times or the Washington Times, watch CNN or Fox News Channel the truth is out for all to see. And try as they might to make you think otherwise those that were responsible for oversight did not object at the time. That list includes many of the same people that now want to call those techniques torture. One can only think the Obama administration must have been very disappointed when Spain said it would not try members of the Bush Administration for war crimes. It forced Obama to change the position stated by Rahm Emmanuel on Sunday by saying it was up to Eric Holder to determine whether or not to prosecute. Until water boarding came along I always thought that torture was like pulling your fingernails out or putting you on the Medieval rack. I always thought that having someone drawn and quartered or peeling off their skin would qualify. I just didn’t think that pouring water on someone’s head to make then think they were going to drown, even thought they couldn’t, would be considered torture. Thanks to a former President the political left relies on to be its whipping boy our country has so far avoided a repeat of 9/11. It was in part achieved with techniques that are mild compared to having your head severed from your body, being burned alive and hung from a bridge, or having your wife and children raped while you are forced to watch. Next to these things water boarding is child’s play. The men who were water boarded were killers. They would have happily killed you, your family, your friends and anyone else they could reach. What’s more they provided information that was used to foil planned attacks. They were lucky that water boarding was the worst they got. Any country with sensible leaders would execute such an enemy without remorse.