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Friday, April 10, 2009

Don't Cry for Me, Barack Obama

I could have posted a blog every night of the Obama's Euro Asia trip, but instead I felt compelled to wait until it was over so I could assess the damage with a more discerning eye. How could we have selected such an amateur to be President of the United States? Let's see. First he gave the Queen of England an Ipod filled with his speeches as if she were one of his fans. Then he asked the French and the Germans to stimulate their economies like he was doing with the Brit's, and if possible would they send some fighters to Afghanistan to assist American troops. Both requests were rejected and in his vengeful boyish manner he rejected the French President's suggestion that they visit Normandy. Every President since WWII has visited Normandy during his Presidency except for this fool. After his public relations success and his political disaster in Europe he moved on to Turkey and Saudi a Arabia. There he ingratiated himself to the Turks and the Saudi's by bad mouthing his own country and all but laying himself prostrate before the Saudi King. Then he sat by and through the Somali pirate takeover of a U.S.-flagged merchant ship eating Chicago pizza and planning the next White House party night. The crew gained control of the ship but lost the captain to the pirates. The captain tried to escape but was recaptured, while one of our Aegis-class destroyers sat a mile away and did nothing. Obviously they did not want to risk the captain's life or offend the President by attacking Somali Muslims. After all he had recently claimed we are a Muslim country with some inconvenient Christians and Jews. So far Obama has been able to blame George Bush for everything and his fawning press corp has obliged. When will the blood begin to stain his hands? Don't cry for me Mr. President. I do not think we are a selfish, arrogant and derisive nation. We provide more aid and assistance to developed and emerging nations than any other country in the world. All of Europe combined provides less aid to Africa and South America than the U.S. We are more open to other countries than any country has ever proved to be open to us. Our country has little, if anything, to apologize for. It's unfortunate this President does not share that view. Don't cry for me Obama, because I cry for you.