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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lessons from the Stovetop

Despite the many rejections President Obama has received from world leaders for his openness to oppressive regimes and his willingness to brutally criticize America not one beneficial event has occurred; if fact, things have gotten worse. In response to his overtures to North Korea the PRK has thrown out the UN inspectors, cancelled the six-party talks and has confirmed its intent to develop nuclear weapons. His deference to the King of Saudi a Arabia, Bashar al-Assad and the King of Jordan and his apparent acceptance of the Arab League solution to the Israel/Palestinian has once again put our ally Israel in an untenable position. His effort to mend ties with Cuba by permitting travel and more remittances have resulted in a direct slap from Fidel Castro who said his brother Raul’s conciliatory words had been misinterpreted. In addition, Daniel Ortega’s condemnation of America did not generate a single response from the President and the showboating of Chavez was met with a smile. In case Mr. Obama has forgotten there was an America before he was President. There was a foreign policy before he moved into the White House. The President gets to protect and defend the nation, not use it as a prop for his own aggrandizement. He seems more concerned with pleasing his friends, who in general appear to dislike America, rather than to act in the country’s best interest. A child only needs to put its hand on a hot stove once to learn its lesson. How many times will Obama have to berate his own country, befriend its enemies and concede to the world’s tyrants before he learns his lesson?