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Monday, October 13, 2008

ACORN Registrations Must Be Disallowed

Today's decision by the Sixth Circuit, which overturned a decision requiring the Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Bruner to cooperate with local election boards to discover voter fraud, is a slap in the face to all Americans who rely on the legitimacy of the vote on Election Day. If we cannot be sure that the results of an election are honest how can we trust who wins? If government officials condone voter fraud because it is in favor their party we are in trouble. Americans must trust that election officials are honest. We must trust that they will not permit voter fraud or cheating of any kind. The decision of the Sixth Circuit and the actions of the Ohio Secretary of State do not engender the type of trust required, especially since ACORN is being investigated in 13 states for voter fraud. Today in Ohio one witness said ACORN registered him 73 times. The first step required to assure Americans that this election's vote count will be honest is to disallow every single voter registration submitted by ACORN is all fifty states. People who have a legitimate right to vote and registered with ACORN should be able to go to their local precincts and register.