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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Acorn Don't Fall Too Far

Barack Obama's Freudian slip last week may have exposed an unforeseen vulnerability that could potentially cost him the election. That is if you believe the conventional wisdom that he has already won and your vote is just an inconvenient formality. ACORN, a radical socialist group that has been around since I was in college, has been active in many states registering primarily minority voters and primarily Democrats. They are now being investigated by the FBI and Justice Department in 13 states and the list is likely to get bigger before Election Day. The voter fraud is so obvious and rampant that you have to ask yourself is it possible our polls are so open to voter fraud? How many dead people do vote? How many people with fake names and addresses nullify the vote of legitimate voters? How many people vote who do not have the right to vote and how many vote more than once? In one voting precinct in Ohio 2100 of the 5000 applications submitted by ACORN were so obviously phony that all 5000 were put aside. When Barack Obama said "the acorn doesn't fall too far from the tree," at a rally last week he provided a glimpse into his psyche. First of all the expression is "the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree," which is reference to the behavior of a child being like their parent. Obama's substitution of acorn for apple tells us two things. First, his lack of familiarity with American colloquialisms gives credence to the idea that he a citizen of the world first and a citizen of America second. Secondly, his association with ACORN is a dangerous tie that can do more harm than Bill Ayres, Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan combined. There are many Americans that feel we may be a better country if we vote for a black man. There are many who think we won’t because our racism is so deep and wide. But there are only a few that will think it’s okay for a black man to win if he has engaged in or supported voter fraud. There are those for whom winning at any cost is the goal even if cheating to win is required. Voting is not a sport where playing close to the edge of the rules is acceptable. An illegal voting application is not pass interference and subject to interpretation. An illegal voting application is not some subjective standard. An illegal voting application is an affront to every legal voter because it nullifies their voice. ACORN has demonstrated that it is totally untrustworthy and has engaged in widespread voter fraud. Some ACORN members have already gone to jail in previous elections for voter fraud activities. It has been reported that Barack Obama has a longstanding relationship with ACORN in both their housing and voter registration activities. In the current election cycle he has paid an ACORN-related organization $800,000 to provide voter registration activities. It has been claimed that this was done in the primaries, but consider that the Clinton/Obama race was very close and if Obama took a state based on fraudulent applications it means the result could have been different. In addition any fraudulent applications registered in the primary can vote in the upcoming election. America is a fair county and most of its citizens are fair too. If Obama wins the election fairly most Americans will accept the result. This is of course in stark contrast to many Obama supporters who believe if he doesn’t win it’s because we are a racist country, which defies almost every rule of logic given the number of prominent and wealthy minorities in this country. Many Obama supporters have tried to use scare tactics. James Carville is reported to have implied there might be riots if Obama loses. Others have voiced the same sentiment in both more and less obvious ways, but the implications are the same. In this case you might say the “acorn don't fall too far from the tree.”