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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Powell to the People

Was anybody really surprised that Colin Powell came out in support of Barack Obama? After years of being called a "Tom" and a "house negro" Powell has finally made it back to the Promised Land. Maybe he's angling for a job as Obama's Secretary of State, where he could put into the practice the type of foreign policy he really believes in. After all, when he was Bush's Secretary of State he spent most of his time trying to sabotage the Bush foreign policy, with the exception of the UN speech that ruined Powell in the eyes of the liberals he so admired. Powell proved that Bush's attempt to bring a new bi-partisan tone to Washington was nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of Bush and a sign of weakness to the Democrats who used Bush's naiveté to savage him for eight years running. I hope that if McCain is elected he will not be foolish enough to think that the Democrats will partner with him unless he approves their legislation in total. As was noted in a previous post on all bills in which McCain partnered with Democrats he accepted their legislation in total, while rejecting the views of the Republican Party. Whether you choose McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy or McCain-Lieberman, they were complete concessions to the Democratic view of the world. Colin Powell cemented his betrayal of Bush when Powell's aid Richard Armitage leaked the name of Valerie Plame to the press and stood by while US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, whose desire to get Vice-President Dick Cheney outweighed his sense of justice, continued the prosecution of Scooter Libbey despite knowing the source of the leak. Fitzgerald knew Armitage leaked Valarie Plame's name to the press and Powell's failure to make Armitage go public was the ultimate betrayal of the President by someone he admired and trusted. Despite Powell's view of Obama as a "transitional" candidate the truth is Powell is endorsing Obama simply because he is black and Powell would like to again be in the good graces of the black political structure in America.