All the News That's Fit to be Tied

I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Two Years and Counting

Because the mainstream media despises President Bush and works hard every day to tarnish his Presidency many things go overlooked and unanalyzed. For example, it's been two years since the Democrats have taken over the House and Senate. In that period of time the real estate market has virtually collapsed, the dollar has given up ground to almost every currency and the price of gas has doubled, along with the price of food, medicine and almost every other essential consumer product. Our Congress has introduced and passed legislation that has contributed to these things and a battered President has signed them into law because beaten men always give in. Yet, the Congress has escaped scrutiny so far. With attention focused on the White House, a miserable war, an ailing economy and the shortcomings of America our anti-capitalist Congress has sold us out to the world-wide socialist movement, which continues to seek countries to loot and people to exploit to satisfy its craving for money, power and glory built on the backs of others. And like the Russians of 1917, we may be too late to stop it. If Lenin's version of communism survived for 75 years on the accumulated wealth of Czar Nicholas and the Russian nation, how long could a new version of communism survive on the accumulated wealth of the United States? Congressional policy has put us at the mercy of commodity traders. By refusing to explore and produce oil and gas reserves in our own country we are not only starving our own nation, but keeping the price of fuel high the world over. By using food for fuel we are not only causing price increases in food, but further aggravating the possibility of famine all over the world, by converting corn into ethanol, a product that requires more energy to produce than it creates. By accepting the concept of global warming despite the evidence to the contrary we are letting our guilt stand in the way of our progress. Yes, guilt. There are many people in America, especially the really wealthy and privileged among us that think we have it too good and must ease the burdens of others. Their guilt is marketed to us every day until we think it is our guilt. The examples are so numerous and have been record by other authors but here a few. Wealthy actors and actresses adopt children in other countries while children in America remain parentless. Our government sends mosquito nets to Africa to prevent malaria, while the real cure (DDT) remains locked in tanks because forty years ago, a writer without a background in science (Rachel Carson) said it should be banned. Prior to that Malaria had almost been eradicated from the planet. Unlike the privileged in our nation most people do not have money to burn, although by world standards even our poorest people do better than the well-to-do in other countries. However, we now have a Congress that wishes to even the playing field with the world. Their goal is to make us all equally poor because as you penalize the wealthy for their success everyone, except the government, becomes less wealthy. As the level of the wealthiest declines more people are then in the wealthy category and they too now become victims of the insatiable appetite for other people's money. Think it over. Our Congress changed the rules for getting mortgages and that has lead to the near collapse of the real estate market. The Congress has put the brakes on oil exploration and production and that has driven up the price of gas and food. The worst part of it is that many people think they are right. Do you? If not, you have a chance to have your voice heard in November. Don't blow it.