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Friday, June 14, 2013

Obama Pal Mark Zuckerberg a Conservative?

I have never yet seen true conservative individuals or groups pretend to be liberal and try get their political opponents to vote them by trickery, but over the past decade I have seen liberal individuals and groups do it many times. For example a few years ago in New Jersey some liberals’ candidates offered themselves to the electorate as "Tea Party" candidates to dilute the conservative electorate and engineer Democrat wins. The new "Americans for a Conservative Direction" immigration group is a new twist on an old strategy; It is just a blatant spit in your eye advertising campaign by Obama and the Democrats, fronted by FaceBook CEO and Obama pal Mark Zuckerberg to portray supporters of Amnesty as in favor of conservative positions on immigration. I went to the site to have a look for myself: It looks okay. Has a few well thought out paragraphs that repeat the common goals; pay a fine, learn English, join the back of the line, etc. It includes a background check, no benefits, E-verify, all the buzz phrases to make conservative swoon. The only problem is many of these things will not be in the final bill or the immigration situation would be worse. Leaving illegal aliens to care for themselves for 13 years without assistance would leave our cities in chaos. Taking note that only half of the three million illegal residents eligible for amnesty in 1986 joined the program, what do we do with those who do not sign up this time? If we do not deport them you could say that is "de facto amnesty." This ad in now running on television and the conservative talk radio circuit, but it is an ad developed by and for liberal supporters of the Democrat Immigration Reform bill now in the Senate, but pretending to be a conservative voice. I am not the first to discover this, but I can't resist pointing it out.