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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Governor Christie Regains Poise

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie played smart yesterday and named NJ Attorney General Jeffery Chiesa to serve in the U.S. Senate, a seat desperately needed by Republicans in the upcoming budget and policy debates. It can make a significant difference in the result. To my detractors, who are myriad; it is always partisan Democrats and squishy Republicans that call for bi-partisanship. Democrats always want Republicans to be bipartisan but rarely offer the same unless forced. My squishy Republican friends will have to speak for themselves. In my view Politics is catering to interest groups, with a eye on The Constitution and balancing the three branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.  The Democratic groups are those that place groups, social justice and anti-growth policies at the forefront and are based on the concept that all people should be equally poor and bereft except those that makes the rules. The Republican groups are those that believe we should all become as legally wealthy as we can and not do anything to kill the Golden Goose called the economy. Pick a side.