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Monday, October 24, 2011

Wind and Solar will Double Energy Costs

Do you think your gas and electric bills are too low? Do you think you should pay more for gas or diesel? Well if you’re a supporter of wind and solar energy you can count on paying higher prices. According a new report obtained by the Financial Times, the European Commission is reporting that wind and solar energy will double the cost of power bills for European consumers. Further the report indicates that as the share of wind and solar power rises in the energy mix the higher prices will continue to climb. The report also exposes the real goal of the alternative energy movement. The goal is to get force European and American consumers to use less energy by raising prices and increasing taxes. It is already apparent that the developing world (China, India and Malaysia) will reject this strategy. We must force the Congress to stop the EPA war on fossil fuel or we will be priced out of our homes and cars.