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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MSM in Traction

@thenewnarrative George Rudolph
@stephenfhayes the major pitfall of the McConnell plan is Obama.
The New Narrative Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @repdennisross @examineropeds @heardonthehill @jimpethokoukis
@EmilyMiller @cefilby The GOP must defeat these Dems one vote at a time. We need the R's to act like a machine, stand together and vote.
@washingtonpost And you all ate it up porridge and never contested Obama's lack of process knowledge or his veracity. Shameful
@DavidLimbaugh It is discouraging they are afraid to confront his lies.
@TheKudlowReport I hope Russert can do better than just repeating Obama's talking points.
@NancyPelosi There is no jobs bill, there is just a no-jobs President.
The liberal media knows Obama is not serious and McConnell is just stating it plainly. Spending is the heroin and the MSM is the needle.
@GOPWhip @natresources because the war on fossil fuel continues.
@newtgingrich McConnell is just saying Obama won't deal honestly because spending, not cutting is his goal.
People who know how SSI and debt ceiling work know the President is just selling "woof" tickets. That's trash talking for you youngsters.
@LadyFyreAZ @gopleader The press is really failing in it's major role to keep gov't in check. The failure to be embarrassed is scary.