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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Gang of Six, Real Cuts in 2012 and Polls

@RepFredUpton So far Cut, Cap and Balance is the only bill passed in Congress. The Senate plan is just a plan and the President has offered nothing.
Obama loves the Senate plan because it has new taxes, no spending cuts and empty promises about future cuts. Where is the Third Estate?
The gang of six plan is incomplete and is not in legislative form. It cannot even be voted on. More importantly it contains no cuts in 2012.
For those that care: The Gang of Six Plan does not cut spending in 2012. The only bill with any cuts in 2012 is the House plan.
Why doesn't the press ask Dem Senate why they have failed to submit a budget proposal? The gang of six plan will not pass the House.
@SpeakerBoehner Mr Speaker: We must continually point out that Obama does offer any spending cuts in 2012. We can win on that issue.
@SenatorKirk Any deal must have cuts in 2012 or it is meaningless. Republicans will be called on this.
@RepDanBurton Any deal must include cuts in 2012 and Republicans must make MSM report that Obama wants no cuts in 2012.
@Politisite Why am I never surprised when NBC, CBS, ABC, NYT, CNN, PEW and Gallup polls show Obama favored over Republicans?