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Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Tomorrow's Cuts Never Happen

This little item is in preparation for two things: One is the President's SOTU message where he will propose spending cuts in future budgets, but spending increases in the upcoming budget. The other is to expose the dirty little secret about Congressional spending authority. No current Congress can commit a future Congress to spending cuts. Therefore the current Congress can only cut spending in the budget currently under consideration. Future cuts are merely tools to justify increases in current spending. So when the Republicans say they are going to cut spending, they must do it in the budgets under consideration this year; The new Continuing Resolution, which is the second half of the current year budget and the upcoming budget, which has not yet been proposed. Any future cuts must be rejected and exposed for what they are: empty promises. If your Representative or Senator tries to get your support for future cuts, tell him or her you wants cuts now, not later or the budget hole will never be closed and spending will never be reduced.