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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Mr. Speaker: Take off the Gloves

Mr. Speaker - It's time to take the kid gloves off and stop this President and our Democratic friends from kicking Republicans around like tin cans. Since the election the President is trying to appear as though he is veering to the center. All of a sudden he is about cooperation and bi-partisanship. It has only taken the Democrats two days to resort to ridiculing, belittling and arguing with Republicans on every little point. It is time to make the President and the Democrats eat crap every day. Why should Republicans give the President and the Democrats the chance they were never given. Where was the cooperation and bipartisanship in the previous two years? All of sudden the President cares about jobs and the economy. All of a sudden the President and the Democrats are concerned about the national debt. Republicans now have the opportunity to demonstrate for the American people that Obama's policies as put in place by a Democratic Congress are bad for the nation. For example an honest submission of the cost of ObamaCare to the Congressional Budget Office would show its actual cost to be much higher than reflected in the legislation. The so-called "Doctor Fix" alone adds over a $1 billion to the cost. This destructive legislation must be put in the spotlight and fairly analyzed so the America people know what kind of smoke and mirrors are at play. And ObamaCare is only one policy. What about the President's energy policy? What about the Justice Department or other Departments where unaccountable people make decisions every day to overcome the failure to legislate. They too should be put under the microscope. Obama and the Democrats should have to answer every day for their failure to legislate policies that create growth and jobs. The President and Democrats do not want the Republicans to be successful. They want you, Mr. Speaker, to fail. They hope to lay on you the terrible effect of the legislation they have passed. Unless you expose them you will pay the price. I hope you will bring the spirit of Mark Anthony to Washington with the goal of politically burying Obama and the Democrats.