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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Republicans Must Stop Omnibus Spending Bill

The Omnibus Spending bill being put up by the Democrats must be stopped and a short-term Continuing Resolution (CR) must be passed in its place. We are about to enter the second quarter of the 2011 budget, which the Democrat Congress has so far failed to pass, and they would like to make this 2,000-page Omnibus bill their final spending party. The Omnibus Bill includes thousands of earmarks and is just another wish list of Democratic programs that have so far failed to pass on the merits. Everyone in America, except the Democrats in Congress and their supporters, knows we must cut spending and we must start now. The $55 billion in Democratic goodies in the Tax Deal are miniscule when compared to the larded-up Omnibus catch-all budget bill, which is well-over $1.1 Trillion. Congress must pass the Tax Deal, pass a CR, and get out of town.