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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Living and Selling the Lie

The Obama administration and its mainstream media lackeys have spent the entire weekend trying to convince the American public, which follows politics sparingly, that the Tax Deal passed last week was a victory for the new, more pragmatic Barack Obama. They would have you believe that he is triangulating in the Bill Clinton tradition and tacking to the center. Those of us who watch closely know the truth. The Tax Deal was an utter defeat for Obama, the Democratic Congress, and the class warfare special interest groups. The Democrats spent seven years trying to end the Bush tax cuts of 2003. They went as far as to add the tax that was never collected to the National Debt, to make it seem the tax cuts, and not excessive spending were the reason the debt had become so large. Obama campaigned on the promise he would end the Bush tax cuts. Not only did he fail to end them for another two years, but he also had to admit that increasing taxes would have a negative impact on the economy. In return for this devastating outcome and admission he was able to extend unemployment benefits, add a 2-percent social security cut, and get some continuation of already existing tax cuts that were part of the stimulus plan he enacted. The Tax deal was a total victory for the Republicans in Congress and all Americans. The Obama Administration and the media will try to spin it as an Obama victory, but the truth is there for everyone to see. The Tax Deal is a total repudiation of Obamanomics and further proof that cutting taxes increases tax revenue.