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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday's Primary: Don't Count Your Chickens

You've heard that old saying: Don't count your chickens before their hatched. Yesterday's primary may have had some glitter for conservatives, but down in the pit, where all the real action takes place the Democrats won big. Yea the Tea Party won big in Kentucky, the Democrats and Republicans got smacked around little, but in the seat that really counted (a vote in the House) the Democrats prevailed. They kept the seat of the recently deceased John Murtha, who disgraced himself when he accused the U.S. Marines of cold blooded murder in the Iraqi Haditha shootings. Murtha proved to be wrong on all counts and the all the Marines have been exonerated.(Semper Fi) However, despite Happy Jack's corrupt political life the Democrats have managed to keep the seat until at least the upcoming November elections. The only saving grace is that the candidate had to basically disavow virtually all Democratic positions to get elected. Let's see how he votes. If he supports the Obama agenda the test will come in November. Unlike many I do not think the Republicans can take back either body in the Congress. However, gaining seats in both would be very beneficial and provide Republicans with a better chance of slowing down the Obama agenda without Democratic help.