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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Declaring a Crime to be Legal

It is not without irony that supporters of illegal aliens in America staged their protest on Mayday. It permits them to confuse the immigration issue with those who celebrate the ever-hoped-for emergence of socialism and make it appear that the world is on the side of America’s illegal aliens. But let’s analyze the underpinnings of the illegal immigrant support effort, by comparing it to other crimes. The FBI estimates that there are 15 million reported burglaries committed every year in the U.S. Using the rationale offered for legalizing illegal aliens in America the FBI would conclude that the most sensible thing for dealing with burglary would be to make it legal and to forgive all those currently convicted or in hiding who have committed burglary. Of course if the FBI offered such a proposition they would become a laughing stock and no one would take them seriously. Yet this is precisely what illegal alien support groups are asking our government to do. Ignore the laws that were broken in crossing the border illegally. Ignore the dishonesty inherent in working without proper, and in some cases, false documents. Ignore the inherent crimes involved in using government services by dishonestly claiming citizenship. And perhaps worst of all are government officials who condone this illegal activity and behavior under the premise it is humane and just. Government officials who would say to all those immigrants who are playing by the complicated rules established by our Congress that they prefer to give citizenship to those who have ignored the rules because they are represented by powerful Hispanic groups who can bring their vote if they are granted amnesty. Yes the Mayday protests were only about Mexicans. There was no call to gives illegal Irish immigrants amnesty. There was no call to give non-Hispanic visitors who have overstayed their visa’s amnesty. There was no call to give ethnic Chinese, Koreans or Vietnamese immigrant’s amnesty. The only amnesty discussed over this Mayday was amnesty for Mexicans who illegally crossed the border of Mexico into the U.S. As long as the border remains open and Americans provide material support for illegal aliens there can be no amnesty. Declaring a crime to be legal does not make it so.