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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Public or Private Healthcare

As the “big” healthcare Dog N’ Pony show approaches we must remember what is really being proposed. The Whitehouse and the democratically controlled Congress would have Americans believe that healthcare reform is a choice between Americans and the healthcare industry, when the choice being offered is government-run or privately-run healthcare. Some say the current proposal would result in a hybrid system that combines government control with a semi-capitalist, free-enterprise network of providers. You might say, Medicare for everyone. Don’t let phrases like price-gouging insurance companies; profit-driven doctors and over-charging hospitals mislead you into thinking the government may have a good solution. You only need to examine the one government system we already have to see the Obama plan will not cover everyone, will not reduce costs and will not permit those employed in the healthcare industry to earn a decent wage. Medicare doesn’t cover everyone and it doesn’t cut costs: It only pushes them into our children’s future. Many doctors and hospitals are already trimming back their Medicare patients because reimbursement fees are too low. Not to mention that all Medicare recipients must have supplemental plans to cover the items the program doesn't. So while insurance companies that market healthcare are making billions in profits our government-run system has compiled $60-trillion in unfunded liabilities that will be paid by future generations in higher taxes. In the final analysis Americans will have to choose between government-run or privately-run healthcare. For me, personally, it is not a hard choice; How about you?