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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Never Can Say Good Bayh

In August of 2008 when the vice presidential sweepstakes was in full swing, Indiana Senator Evan Bayh was Obama's choice for VP, but Bayh declined. How do I know you ask? Let me tell you. On the night Obama selected his VP media crews were parked at the homes of the potential candidates including Joe Biden, Tim Kaine and Evan Bayh. Biden and Kaine were at home with their families waiting for the phone call that would put them on the ticket. Evan Bayh's house was dark. There was no one home. Since he had never declined publicly it was reasonable to assume he would say yes if offered the vp slot. It was never offered publicly and he wouldn't have been home to receive the call if it came. This led me to claim on August 23, 2008, that Bayh was Obama's first choice. To the President's chagrin, Bayh was the first man to ever say thanks, but no thanks. Bayh's unwillingness to be Obama's VP expressed itself yesterday, when for all intents and purposes Bayh put Obama on notice. Barring some incredible turn of events in political terms Obama will be challenged in the 2012 Democratic Presidential Primary by Evan Bayh and Hillary Clinton. Either Clinton or Bayh will win that contest and Obama will be a one-term President.