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Monday, November 2, 2009

Hey Larry; Write Any Good Jokes Lately?

Comedy writing is very difficult. That is why so often writers and comedians go for the cheap joke. The one that makes you laugh at the expense of someone who can be stereotyped. For example, just this past week Larry David put on a skit in which he accidentally urinated on a portrait of Jesus Christ and made a joke out of the fact that some people thought it was Jesus crying and constituted a miracle. HBO and his defenders say he makes fun of everyone and show no favorites. So I wanted to offer up a few ideas: How about a skit where a Muslim accidentally puts down his Koran in a men’s room and Larry comes in and urinates on it. Isn’t that funny? Or even better, how about one where Barack Obama uses the paper from a 10-page NY Times puff piece about him and the First Lady to get a fire started in a homeless camp. That would be a real funny one. I have more. Email your joke requests to