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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Climate Conference Over Before it Begins

The upcoming Climate Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, has been proclaimed a failure before the gates have even been opened. We are fortunate that most of the world, including our own government, is sensible enough to not destroy the goose that lays the golden egg for the benefit of a few. In this case the goose is industrial society and the golden egg is fossil fuel. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just daydreaming and the failure of climate change activists to handcuff the world's strongest economies is a stunning example of the world coming to its senses. A close look at the organizers of the conference demonstrates that they have financial interests in alternative energy and stand to make a fortune if some world-wide carbon trading scheme can ever be established. You can visit the site at See for yourself. As you read through their laughable efforts at reducing pollution you can see it is nothing but window dressing and wishful thinking. For example, the preposterous idea that by providing a million dollars to rebuild 20 old, inefficient concrete factories in Bangladesh makes up for the carbon footprint created by 20,000 people traveling to Copenhagen from all over the world. A million dollars would not cover the costs of demolishing the old factories even in a nation like Bangladesh; much less build 20 new ones. And this is only one of the many ideas offered to fool the participants and a media, whose understanding of basic biological processes is so scant they are incapable of intelligent analysis on the subject of climate change. For the time being we have been saved, but there is always next year.