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Friday, October 2, 2009

Obama Lets Iran Off the Hook

Iran got the best of both worlds this week when it forestalled any action on its nuclear ambitions, and will also get other countries to enrich much of its current un-enriched inventory of uranium, which it can use to create additional nuclear warheads for its missiles. You really can't make this stuff up. Perhaps if President Obama had flown to Switzerland instead of Denmark, the outcome might have been different. Any effort to portray the talks as anything other than a disastrous failure is an effort in futility and entirely dishonest. If the President wants to succeed with Iran he needs to fire a bunker-buster Cruise Missile right into the Qom facility tunnel entrance. The QOM facility is not even operational yet so it serves the purpose of providing a demonstration of force and also eliminates the possibility of radiation escaping into the atmosphere. The real work of enrichment goes on at the Narantz underground facility and the UN won't be permitted to go there. A Cruise Missile would be a meaningful message; "You stop now or else your Capital will be next." He has been fooled by his allies and snubbed by his enemies who are entirely unimpressed with his charm, wit and charisma. He either knows he is being played for a fool or he's a totally committed participant to the erosion of American influence in world affairs. As the star of the Obama Traveling Medicine Show he is a real pro, but as a world leader he is an amateur.