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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Men in White Coats

The Obama Traveling Medicine Show made a stop at the Rose Garden yesterday to help the President sell his healthcare reform message. There they were seated before and standing around him as he delivered the spiel of the day declaring doctors from every state supported his health plan. To prove it we were treated to a large group of lab-coated doctors in blazing white unused lab coats. The lab coats had never seen a hospital and it made you wonder if the doctors that were present had ever been in one either. After all you could be a doctor and never have practiced medicine. Say you were a Juris Doctor or a Doctor of Business Communication. You would be a doctor that never practiced medicine. However, it's not very likely that Obama would go such as great extent to trick the public. Oh yes, we know about the town hall plants, the predetermined questions, the orchestrated yelling, fainting, bussing and other activities that surround the President's activities. We here at thenewnarrative have been following the escapades of the Traveling Medicine Show since the end of the 2008 Democratic Primary. Given those things it's not likely he would try such a bush-league prank as dressing everyone up as a doctor. Or would he? Under normal circumstances the media would be asking questions, but with this President they just comply. So the questions remain: were all those present doctors or were just some of them doctors? How many of each? Is it just another illusion created to fool the crowd or can we take it at face value? Make your own judgment.