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Monday, September 7, 2009

The Obama Medicine Show Rolls On

As the Congress comes back to work after getting the big "what for" from their constituents over healthcare the President is planning to continue his public relations effort to move Americans to his point of view, which as we know is to have a single payer plan. The basic reason we reject single payer is because where it is used Healthcare is rationed for those who need it and free for those who don't. That is just how single payer works. It is true that Americans spend more on healthcare, but we get more. We don't wait weeks, months and years for treatment and most treatments are covered. There are exceptions of course, but unfortunately sex change operations for convicted felons and cosmetic surgery for mal-adjusted inmates are covered, while radical treatments for cancer are not. Our system is not without problems. However the big question is if Obama wants single payer (government run healthcare) why is the plan about providing health insurance instead of providing medical care. It seems to me that the bill is just a big payoff to the insurance companies who will get 35 to 50 million new customers who will be forced to buy insurance. It is clear that Obama is likely to back off single payer and choose instead to support health coops with trigger mechanisms. However, in the final analysis it will be the same thing. His plans will drive medical care costs through the roof and people will be begging for the government to take it over. The regulations in the bill are all designed to push us into single-payer. Don't be fooled by the carnival barkers and the shills in the crowd. They are always there when the Obama Traveling Medicine Show comes to town.