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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mr. President: You don't have to campaign anymore

The President's Joint-Session speeech was a disappointment for me and it should have been a disappointment for him, but I am now convinced he's not smart enough to even know it. Does he really think that he can just repeat himself over and over and expect us to hear something different just because he wills it. American has rejected the idea of rationed care ala Canada and Great Britan. Americans have proved over and over again that they are willing to pay more to get more. You can list the pros and cons of healthcare until the cows come. For most of us it's really simple. After you do all the analysis the fact remains that government subsidized healthcare is the least efficient and cost effective of all the available alternatives. And while he is focusing (his word) on healthcare the Wall Streeters, banks and insurance companies are making a fortune, our enemies are going nuclear and we are headed for third world status. Mr. President: You don't have to campaign anymore. The election is over. You won. Start acting like a President instead of a snake-oil salesman.