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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joe Biden Passes Bayh

You won't hear it anywhere else, but Indiana Senator Evan (Birch Evans) Bayh was Obama's real first choice. His mistake was to assume Bayh would serve. As a result he, once again, spoke too soon and announced his plans to name his VP choice. When Bayh turned him down, Obama had to punt and picked US Senator Joe Biden (Delaware-D). His other choices (Tim Kaine or Chet Edwards) would have never cut the mustard with the voting public. When this news came it was just another rumor, but the passing of time has given credence to this chain of events. The night prior to the announcement news crew's had staked out the homes of the two most obvious candidates, Biden and Bayh. In the early evening Joe Biden told a news crew that he was not the nominee and it sounded pretty final. The camera out front showed there were lights on and some activity inside. In contrast Bayh's house was dark. Only the entrance lights were on. He is not a stupid man. He knew he was in the VP mix and like Joe Biden he would have been home waiting for the call if he did not know he had been picked. However, Barack's self-assuredness about a November victory can be downright scary to some people and Evan Bayh probably started looking for the door when he found himself in the same room alone with the man. Obama really believes he was chosen and that was enough of a reason for Bayh to pass. He'll wait until 2012 when he can team up with Hilary or run himself. Biden, being the faithful Democrat that he is, stepped into the breach like a good soldier should and saved Barack from an embarrassment that would have meant the end of his campaign. If it became known that his personal choice for VP refused to serve with him, the super-delegates at the convention would not be very far behind and Obama could lose the nomination to the only other candidate entered in the convention; Hilary Clinton. Most people don't expect this can happen, but there is little doubt that such an event would create plenty of buzz and excitement for the Democratic Party. The coverage would be 24/7 until the election and the cable industry would start new shows just to cover the story. There are many in the “big tent” that want a Democratic sweep no matter who is at the top and there is a bad feeling that Barack may not be able to get them there. How long will it remain a secret?