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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's Gonna Take a Miracle

What most Americans want now is another choice. As John McCain senior moments his way toward the election and Obama flames out like a meteor meeting the force of the atmosphere, we are all hoping that by virtue of some miracle we may have better candidates to vote for in November. Republicans can't really be happy voting for a man who seems a better fit for the Bluedog Democrats than the Republican Party, and Democrats, even Progressive ones, can't be happy with a guy whose best friends seem to hate America, but is the obvious choice if you want to push the country further to the left. As we approach the party conventions we are, as usual, hoping for miracles. Republican voters would like another shot at picking a standard bearer for the Party. Many feel that cross-party primary voters had a huge effect on the nomination process giving McCain victories in some states he did not deserve. Even when Romney dropped out of the race he was less than 100 delegates behind McCain. In Romney's case he reduced that margin right out of the box by beating McCain in primaries in which he was no longer a candidate. Some think he will inevitably get the VP slot or a shot at the Presidency in 2012 whether McCain wins this time or not. Be that as it may, many would like a better option. There are some Democrats who would like to see a rebellion at the Democratic Convention. While the nomination of Obama steam rolls its way forward and he behaves as if he has already won, if you discount the votes of the super-delegates neither Clinton nor Obama have enough elected delegates to win the nomination outright. Even though Obama can claim victory based on those who have publicly voiced their support, the actual votes have not been cast. There are some who believe that Obama's presumptuousness may be his downfall. His Messiah-like comments, along with his claim to be a citizen of the world, and the obviously transparent attempts at fooling the public are common knowledge in the electorate at large. Even Obama's supporters are not fooled. A shift in 15% of the super delegates could throw the nomination to Hilary Clinton, however unlikely that seems. It would certainly dampen the hopes of Obama’s magic circus. America needs a miracle to be saved from the new Messiah and the Old Man and the Sea.