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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Will Benghazi be Obama's Iran-Contra?

On the 11th Anniversary of 911 the State Department consulate in Benghazi was attacked by rebel forces that turned out to include al-Qaeda fighters. There were persistent rumors at the time that the Obama Administration through the CIA and State Department were trying to provide arms to Syrian rebels, which many think was the purpose of Ambassador Christopher Stevens' trip to Benghazi. Some people think that Stevens came to the realization that al-Qaeda fighters were among those buying the weapons and tried to cancel the deal, which lead directly to his death and the deaths of the others. Perhaps that is why we did not run to the sound of the guns and left our men to die in the desert. After two years of investigating by Congress and stonewalling by the Obama Administration a Select Committee has been formed to get the answers that the families of the four dead victims deserve, as well as to give America a clear picture of what took place. For example, if the goal was to provide Syrian rebels with weapons was it legal to do so? It wasn't for Ronald Reagan. Americans deserve an answer.