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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dems Go From Straw Man to Circular Logic

For the past four years the Democrats have used the classic "straw man" argument to avoid creating a budget to control federal spending. Under the guise of the "continuing resolution" they have managed to obliterate all budget control and increase spending by more than trillion dollars a year since Obama came to office. Simply by saying the Republican budget with make old people eat dog food, put sick children in the street, make children with autism fend for themselves, the "straw man" has served the Democrats very well. However, after four years the straw man is getting old so now a new plan has been put in place. Unlike Republicans who see the budget as a way to control spending, the Democrats, Chuck Schumer in particular, see the budget as a way to increase taxes. So this year we can expect the Democrats to try and get another tax increase or else use "circular logic" to defeat any Republican effort to further try and control spending. Democrats will simply say we must have a budget with tax reform so they can increase taxes. If they cannot get a tax increase they will say: For four years the Republicans complained we wouldn't pass a budget in the Senate and now that we have they won’t pass it. That's why we haven't offered one for the past four years. (The circular argument in pristine form.) Once again the Democrats will try to place the blame on the Republicans using the lap dog media as their willing accomplice. The big questions are will the media be compliant and will the people fall for the same old game in a new form?