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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Will America Change Course on Energy

President's Obama’s decision to not go forward on the Keystone XL Pipeline has sparked a new conversation on fossil fuel production in the United States. While President Obama and his environmental allies may not have intended to start this debate, it may be one they might well regret. The United States is now finding itself in the position of being able to produce more than enough fossil fuel energy to be self-sufficient in a world that is getting more and more dangerous, as well as hostile to American interests. Americans are getting tired of being held captive to high priced energy to satisfy the so-far unrealized desire for non-polluting fuel. Wind and Solar are absolute failures both in Europe and in America. Ethanol has lead to rising food prices throughout the world. And, of course the dirty little secret is that all alternative fuels require fossil fuel to make the devices that provide the energy or fossil fuel backup in case they stop working. The emergence of clean coal, oil fracking and an abundance of natural gas can reopen the gates to prosperity for our nation and other countries if they follow our lead. Cheap energy has been one of the keys to America's prosperity for more than a century and has been responsible for moving the entire human race forward. We should not let this opportunity pass us by to satisfy the not always well-meaning intentions of anti-energy special interest groups.