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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Senator Menendez: Use Oil, Cut Spending

Senator Robert Menendez- Democrat NJ - I listened to you on the John Gambling radio show today. With all due deference to your point of view: It epitomizes the liberal view of oil (in the form of energy) and government spending that is destroying the country. You ramble on in an incoherent narrative about alternative energy, which you know will not replace oil for at least 50 years, and you continue to justify reckless spending and refuse to examine any serious way of cutting the cost of government. People like me, who are not famous or celebrated, have been writing for years on the topics of energy and government spending. What is the Democratic fixation on reducing "America's addiction" on oil? Oil is one of the most vital compounds in a modern mechanized society. Oil, next to CO2, which is another vital compound to our existence, is something without which life could not exist. Yet Democrats in the Congress seem focused on eliminating both. And what is it about spending that you and your colleagues do not get. In my view cutting $61B, which is the Republican proposal, is not enough. How about the $105 billion tucked in for ObamaCare beneath the radar. That alone almost triples the cuts being proposed and the Democrats are still stuck at being unable to find more $10B to cut. America is now at the time where the rubber hits the road. You and your colleagues better get it together. We must use oil and we must cut spending. It cannot be said more simply. That's what you get paid for. Do your job. Get America moving.