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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Citizenship for Sale

If America really wanted to solve all of its financial problems in one fell swoop, all the President would have to do is create a risk/reward program for American citizenship. If you accept the lowest illegal alien estimate of 11.5 million, which includes illegal aliens of all countries, then consider this: We sell fully-fledged American citizenship that takes affect immediately and provides an instant right to vote. It includes full participation in the American economic system. If we sold citizenship to 10 million illegal aliens it would generate $110 trillion and that is enough to payoff the entire $14 trillion national debt, provide full coverage of the $46 trillion in currently unfunded Medicare liabilities and almost a $60 trillion surplus for future needs. In order to encourage illegal aliens to sign up we establish a cash reward system for those that provide information about the location of other illegal aliens, who can then be encouraged to sign up or return to their native country. After all it usually cost several thousand just to get here and now we could get the money instead of it going to some loathsome border-crossing coyote. I know this may be distasteful to some. The ACLU might say that the selling of American citizenship is unseemly and certainly illegal or at least unconstitutional. Supporters of illegal immigration would be insulted that we would ask these poor folks who live in the shadows to come up with $10,000 each, completely ignoring how much they paid to get here in the first place. Selling citizenship could be a very profitable enterprise. People would have skin in the game. Maybe we could have a better country. All we have to do is sell it before it gets taken away.