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Monday, December 21, 2009

Is Global Warming Finally Dead?

The Copenhagen Climate turned out to be just the wasteful jaunt it was widely predicted to be. It was just another attempt to establish a world-wide carbon market and loot the treasuries of industrialized countries of the world in an attempt to blackmail them into paying reparations to developing nations, third world dictators and potentates of poorer countries. The truth is that it was known in September there would be no climate agreement and that was solidified when the emails from England's CRU (Climate Research Unit) were exposed. The global-warmists are now in a desperate race to hold on to whatever veracity remains in the climate change charade. Very little was accomplished before President Obama got there and even less was accomplished after his arrival. Despite all the efforts by Obama's staff, a compliant mainstream media for whom Obama's success is vital, and the conference attendees themselves to convince us that Obama made a difference, his presence did not change anything of substance that had been decided on before he arrived. The claim that his mere attendance moved the conference forward is pure fiction and self-aggrandizing claptrap. The organizers of the Global Warming movement may have changed the name to Climate Change, but changing the name does change the character of the argument. We now know that Global Warming is a farce. The statistics were based on faulty models, tampered evidence and twisted logic all designed to develop a rational for marketing carbon dioxide, which is simply taxing the air. (Just follow the money) We know that the Earth’s weather patterns are always in a state of flux and despite their short term unpredictability the long term trends tend to remain the same and are based on the a wide variety of activities, the burning of fossil fuel being only one. No one is against cleaner fuels, cleaner water or cleaner air, but to try and make carbon dioxide, which is required for life to exist, the boogey man would be like trying to grow crops without water.