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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Will the Real Sotomayor Please Stand up

Last month (May 28th)I wrote that it's possible there was a real jurist in Sonia Sotomayor and it was further possible that she could be Barack Obama's David Sooter. If you heard today's testimony you would have to think I was correct. She sounded more like an originalist than Chief Justice Roberts or even Justice Scalia. Her testimony was a rejection of every opinion she has written, every speech she has given and every decision she has made as a circuit and appellate court judge. It was truly a transformation from a racially radical, activist decision maker to an honest interpreter of the U.S. Constitution. We can overlook the use of the phrase "eminent danger" when imminent was the correct word or the use of "story" when the term "store" of knowledge was appropriate. Perhaps she will now stop bragging how her classmates scored higher than her on standardized tests. Her use of language clearly explains that. Conservatives have to be excited about the possibility of having another conservative on the bench unless of course Sonia Sotomayor is lying, in which case she should be rejected by the Senate. The truth is that if today's testimony represented the real Sotomayor the Democrats would not be voting to approve her as a Supreme Court Justice; and that's the truth.