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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No Surprises - What A Disappointment

As America enters a new non-partisan era it's clear that the old hatreds remain the same. Despite the graciousness shown by President Bush, Vice-President Cheney and their spouses towards the Obama family and administration, Obama supporters could not suppress their dislike for the President by booing his parents, his family and his vice president when they were introduced at the Inauguration Ceremony. It was nothing short of disgusting, but in fact it was no surprise. People without manners and civility cannot learn them overnight even when the model is the perfect example. This entire week was a field day for the Bush whackers. Even as he leaves there are calls for war crime trials, more investigations, more blame, more vitriol and yes more partisanship. Except for John McCain of course who is now out to prove he never was a Republican anyway. We can expect lots of Obama boot-licking from him now that he lost. To regain his reputation as a maverick he will desert and betray his party in search of the deal that will make the media and the Democrats like him and invite him to all the good parties. And let me not forget the right and ancient, perhaps demented, Reverend Joseph Lowry who said "and White will embrace what is right." He obviously didn't notice that 45 million "white" voters chose Mr. Obama as President or did he just forget that he was at the Inauguration of the first black President. Maybe when they remembered the black regiment of the Civil War or the Tuskegee Flyers they should have remembered the many Caucasian Christians and Jews that supported the Civil Rights Movement including Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Hubert Humphrey and Lydon Johnson to name a few. It may truly be fitting to call today a black day in Washington. It was disheartening, but no surprise. But the real disappointment is yet to come. While Obama's supporters love him for better or worse. Will they still be thrilled when Guantanamo is not closed? Will they still be thrilled when the war in Afghanistan becomes bigger than the war in Iraq? Will they still be thrilled when the Congress returns to business as usual? Will they still be thrilled when they must continue to pay their mortgages, car payments and health insurance, and in addition pay higher taxes to fund Obama's trillion dollar spending spree? The KoolAid drinkers will always follow in awe. What about you?