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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jimmy from Brooklyn is Right

Most people wouldn't know who Jimmy from Brooklyn is, but if you live in the New York area and are a fan of talk radio Jimmy is no stranger to you. An avid talk show caller, Jimmy from Brooklyn believes there is an active, working communist, socialist party that is operating world wide with ruling the planet as its ultimate goal. His calls to talk show hosts in many stations provide background on many of today's politically active people in politics, media and academia. The tentacles to the communist, socialist movement are complex and incontrovertible. His mastery of the subject is quite extraordinary and his ability to demonstrate the connection between the "party" and many of the voices you hear reflected in our media and academia is nothing short of amazing. Jimmy has provided lots of information about the influence of the communist movement in organizations like MoveOn.Org and other so-called intellectual think tanks the Environmental Defense Fund and militant groups like Green Peace. It is clear that there are active socialist cells in every major city, as well as most colleges and universities in the United States and Europe, as well as in the developing world. If you examine the language of these various groups you can see their common origin. The socialist movement has camouflaged itself into the opposition movements of governments throughout the world trying to change them from the inside because socialism's attempt to conquer the world from the outside was foiled in the 30’s by Roosevelt, in the 50's by Joe McCarthy and in the 80's by Ronald Reagan. Since the 60’s the Socialists have successfully infiltrated its members into our government and education institutions. Saul Alinksy and Noam Chomski are the two major socialist intellectuals that have influenced many people in our country and represent the intellect behind the anti-Americanism that is so prevalent in our society today. You can see the activity of the American and world socialist movement at every protest against America here and abroad. Everyday young, naive, disenchanted people are taken in by the movement and many remain a part of the socialist movement forever. For example, Alinksy believed that organizing the poor and the powerless (the supposed goal of all socialism) could be done by “community organizing” which was started in the Chicago stockyards by Alinksy himself. Presidential race watchers need only to dwell on the fact that Barack Obama cites his experience as a “community organizer” in Chicago as experience for the Presidency. Obama is a socialist thinker through and through. A cursory examination of his goals and policy statements reflect fealty to the socialist view of the world. Jimmy from Brooklyn is right so its up to the rest of us to not be wrong.